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6 reasons why you should add meditations to your keto diet

Updated: May 13, 2021

  1. Changing the way you eat can be stressful. Scientists have proven that practicing meditation is one of the most effective ways to manage that stress. Our guided meditations allow you to relax and de-stress, and are specifically designed to support your healthy keto lifestyle.

  2. Weight loss is dependent on MINDSET. Any diet can, temporarily, help you to lose weight. A ketogenic diet is particularly effective, especially when it becomes part of your lifestyle. For lasting results, though, you need to change how you think about yourself and your body. Listening to our meditations will help you gradually change your mindset and see yourself as the attractive, fit, lovely person you are.

  3. Meditation can help you sleep. One of the easiest ways to drift off to a restful sleep is to listen to a relaxing guided meditation. Lack of sleep causes so many negative effects, including increased inflammation, increased cortisol and increased blood pressure. Not sleeping well can actually make it harder to lose weight. We have lots of tips to help you fall asleep naturally and easily, and one of the best ways is to listen to the right guided meditation.

  4. Use meditation to start your day on a positive note. Listening to a meditation when you first wake up can be a great way to put you into a positive mood. Feeling positive helps you make better food choices, and the way you start your day has a lot to do with how your day will continue. Why not make it a great day?

  5. Mindfulness eating and meditation can minimize cravings and binge eating. Learning ways of dealing with impulses to eat junk food and nutrient-empty processed food can be really helpful. Fortunately, eating a keto diet will actually reduce cravings for carbs and sugar. Having a meditation to listen to will help you get past any cravings that may crop up.

  6. Meditation (and the Keto diet) makes you feel great! Meditation, done on a regular basis, helps your mood. You’ll find yourself happier, calmer, more compassionate, less irritable, and more focused. Following a Keto lifestyle will help you lose weight (fat) and retain muscle, improve triglycerides and other heart health measures, and reduce your appetite. As you lose weight and get slimmer and more fit, you’ll feel comfortable in your own body and have more enjoyment of your everyday activties.

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